Between July, 2018, and July, 2019, Verizon has owed me monthly rent on a cell phone tower they built on my property. They have requested to do repairs on the eyesore and I have signed County permits for them in good faith, for repairs to the structure, with the agreement that they would pay the rent due. Verizon has completely ignored all efforts to pay me the money they owe me. Lately, I have been dealing with American Tower Corporation. Either American Tower Corporation is trying to act as a landlord to Verizon for their hideous 150-foot cell tower, or Verizon is trying to act like a landlord to American Tower Corporation. I implore everyone not to do business with either of these corporations. They reneg on their rent obligations.

Do you think I am ever going to sign another permit for your cell tower??? You are no different from thieves and common criminals.